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    This new feature is the beginning of an illustrated database of English Transferware patterns, at the moment in its infancy but already contains over 100 illustrations. We hope that this will become a referrable database but much depends on the response we get from yourselves. 100 illustrations may seem quite a few but is just a fraction of the number of patterns produced in the 19th Century. We would appreciate your help in developing this as a web resource with photographs, attributions and comments.

    The articles on the makers have been revised with additional illustrations sent in by correspondents, nearly all of Podmore Walkers patterns are now illustrated. If there is anything else which might be included or revised we would appreciate your assistance.


    Our companion site at Asiatic concentrates on the Asiatic Pheasants pattern so popular in the late 19th Century and includes articles on the pattern as well as a developing database on the makers of that pattern and their marks. It lists over 100 marks half of which are illustrated, and has been very well received by collectors of that pattern and those who are just looking to use the database to help identify the makers of other patterns

    For really well researched and constantly developing website for information on the Staffordshire potteries there is no better site than The Potteries at The Potteries Each visit seems to bring a new facet and to enter it is a real voyage of discovery. Not specifically concerned with transferware but a real online gem for almost anything you might want to know about Staffordshire Pottery. If it can't be found here then it is only a matter of time. The site is really a monumental task which deserves all the support it can get.

    There are already well-developed sources of information about English Transferware and other 19th Century pottery which we would commend to anyone wanting to research their hobby or just identify a piece in their collection. In the UK there is an established collectors association, Friends of Blue. dedicated to Blue Transferware, who provide support and research, sharing their information in regular meetings and newsletters. In the USA there is a similar organisation The Transferware Collectors Club., the two organisations work closely together.